Giddy – Up, but don’t just think Horse Racing! Think arts & culture, think sport, think education or environment, but above all – think COMMUNITY!
The Far North Queensland Amateur Turf Club is proud to be hosting the 2014 Cairns Amateurs Carnival and we want to get everyone involved in the celebrations.

The Cairns Amateurs Racing Carnival is a region letting its hair down in spectacular fashion, built around two days of horse racing in Cairns in early September each year.
Cairns Amateurs is a season of glamour, entertainment and community celebrations!

The Cairns Amateurs Racing Carnival is the region’s biggest economic party injecting over $13.9 million into the local economy, we’re growing in popularity and visitation, creating over 11,200 visitor nights last year.

We are proud of our community involvement and we’re opening the doors for all event organisers, community groups, and businesses to play a leading part in creating community connected events to grow the region’s biggest event.

We are encouraging your community/business to get involved in the festivities. If you have an existing Off Track Event or a New Event, A Free Event or a Paid Event, an attraction that will bring new visitors onto your doorstep then the Cairns Amateurs Community Events initiative is just the program to assist.
So don’t delay, apply online now, Opens 17th April 2015.

Benefits include;

  • Cairns Amateurs Carnival national and local media and marketing campaign Official Endorsement as an Affiliated Event of Cairns Amateurs Carnival
  • Listing on Cairns Amateurs Carnival Event Program, marketing collateral and Calendars
  • Use of Official Cairns Amateurs Carnival Affiliated Events
  • Name and Logo Opportunities for Extensive Media and PR exposure
  • Become part of the Cairns Amateurs Carnival
  • Community Initiative Program
  • Networking Opportunities Cross Promotional Opportunities with other Organisers
  • Association and Recognition with a Nationally Recognised Event

Information to be submitted to Cairns Amateurs <>
Applications close 5pm Friday 15th May 2015.

Cairns Amateurs Carnival, delivering benefit into your community in 2015.

Cairns Amateurs Community Event Initiative


The purpose of the Cairns Amateurs Carnival Community Events Initiative is to provide support to community groups and organisations wishing to organise events and projects
that contribute to the festivities surrounding the Cairns Amateurs Carnival and help strengthen community involvement. The initiative also aims to grow the visitation to the region and provide economic benefit to the community.


Only projects that fulfil the main selection criteria will be considered. This includes
events/activities that:

  • Increase engagement with the community via multiple platforms, encouraging interaction in the horse racing industry and the Cairns Amateurs Carnival.
  • Promote the positive attributes of Cairns and Tropical North Queensland localities and community benefits to the wider region.
  • Develop the Cairns Amateurs Carnival fan base into new audiences, ensuring accessibility for all.
  • Are hosted between 1st – 17th September 2015.
  • Increase economic return for local businesses and traders through creative experiences and greater visitation.
  • All Events must use the Cairns Amateurs Carnival online booking and payment system.

Cairns Amateurs offers a complete booking and reporting system for your event with an e-ticketing platform, this service is provided free of charge (if necessary) for free events.
Paid events are charged a 5% commission on all ticket sales.


All applications for support (Official off Track Event Status) must be submitted by email to cover all fields of the application requirements.
Offline applications (i.e. posted, faxed) will not be considered.
The application requirement fields are important tools for reviewing submissions and will assist in evaluating applications against the selection criteria.
Requirements are simple, easy to follow and provides every applicant with equal opportunity to produce a quality application.
Any supporting material provided should be clearly labelled, attached and referenced at relevant points in the application form.


All applications must be received by Cairns Amateurs Carnival before 5.00pm 15th May 2015

  • Applications must be submitted to Applications received after this date will not be considered.

Cairns Amateurs Community Event Initiative


The process involves two steps.

  1. Applications are initially assessed at Cairns Amateurs office by experienced event managers.
  2. A list of recommendations is then presented to Far North Queensland Amateur Turf Club Community Consultation Committee for approval.

Together they use their local knowledge to assess the community benefit to be gained from a project or initiative, and look at further opportunities to add more value to the experience.


Cairns Amateurs will notify all applicants about the outcome of their applications via email on or before Friday 29th May 2015

  • It is important for applicants to understand that we expect to receive a large number of applications from the Cairns Region not every application that satisfies the eligibility criteria will receive support.


Successful applicants are asked to acknowledge Cairns Amateurs Carnival in a number of ways, including but not limited to: Cairns Amateurs Carnival logo appearance in promotional materials with text “Fun, Fashion and Racing”; space at the facility/location for erecting Cairns Amateurs Carnival signage and branding; and inclusion of the acknowledgement within written event descriptions that appear in various communication channels. Likewise Cairns Amateurs Carnival will promote the successful applicant with ‘Official’ Off Track Event status and further promotion of the activity. The proposed event title and logo must be approved by Cairns Amateurs before public release.

The Organiser must ensure that the Official Program, Banners, or written material promoting the event must include in a prominent position the Cairns Amateurs Carnival Logo. Before using the designated logo of Cairns Amateurs in any printed material or promoting your event in any way, the Organiser must first provide a proof of the material to Cairns Amateurs for approval. Any approval provided by Cairns Amateurs for use of the designated logo will be limited to each individual occasion/application that the Organiser has approved use of the designated logo.


The Organiser must keep Cairns Amateurs informed at all times of the existing and potential, or proposed sponsors of your event. The Organiser must notify Cairns Amateurs in writing of any agreement it intends to enter into in relation to the sponsorship of the event prior to entering into such agreement. The Organiser will not seek nor obtain sponsorship for the event from any person or entity whose range of products or services conflict with the range of products or services offered by partners of Cairns Amateurs Carnival (refer appendix 2) unless an initial approach has been made to the Cairns Amateurs Carnival partner and the offer was declined.


Event Organisers must maintain public liability insurance for a sum of not less than $10million for any one event.
Within the insurance documents to be provided, Far North Queensland Amateur Turf Club should be named on the Event Organisers policy or noted as a Principal.

The Organiser will discharge and release the Far North Queensland Amateur Turf Club its partner’s directors, employees, and sponsors of Cairns Amateurs Carnival from all liability, claims and cost for any loss, damage or injury suffered by the Organiser of the event arising from the conduct or cancellations of Cairns Amateurs Carnival or your event.

The Organiser indemnifies Cairns Amateurs its partners, directors, employees and agents against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, loss and costs and expenses arising from or relating to any claim, matter, action, demand or proceedings brought or commenced by any person as a result of the staging of the event or the negligent actions, breach of duty, default and or omissions of the Organiser.


The Organiser will at no time represent themselves as an officer of Cairns Amateurs or purport to bind Cairns Amateurs in any way. Cairns Amateurs endorsement of your event does not create the relationship of partnership, joint venture or other relationship between the parties so as to render them liable for the liabilities incurred by the other.


Cairns Amateurs retains the absolute discretion to withdraw its endorsement/accreditation of your event at any time, and may at any time notify the Organiser that it is to discontinue use of the logo and title/name of the Event. Cairns Amateurs will not be liable for any damages that may be suffered as a result.

Any agreement will expire at the conclusion of the event or upon earlier termination by Cairns Amateurs at which time all rights granted to the Organiser revert to cairns Amateurs and the Organiser must cease any and all use of the designated logo.


The Organiser shall be responsible for any and all costs associated with or connected to staging the event.


Organisations that were successful in receiving support from Cairns Amateurs Carnival –funding or promotional assistance – are required to complete an Acquittal form post event.

This assures Cairns Amateurs that projects and initiatives have been completed in full and communities have received the benefits. It also provides further important detail regarding visitor numbers, goals and awareness achieved.

This should be lodged no later than 10th October 2014.
Completing the acquittal process is important because it affects the group’s eligibility in applying for future support from the Cairns Amateurs Community Initiative.


Cairns Amateurs Carnival will notify all successful grant recipients via email on or before Friday 29th May 2015.


Cairns Amateurs Carnival respects the confidentiality of information provided in applications that directly relates to the business activities of your event or organisation. Cairns Amateurs recognises the importance of safeguarding your personal information. Any personal information that you provide us will be collected and held by us pursuant to our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988.

We will not disclose the information provided in respect to your grant application to any person except for that purpose, or as authorised by you, or as required or authorised by law.

Details of successful grant applicants may bepublished and promoted via Cairns Amateurs.


Your Application must address the following:
Email Address
First Name
Name of Group/Business
Job Title in Group/Business
Postal Address
Phone, Fax, Mobile
ABN of Group/Business
Please provide a brief overview of your Group/Business
How did you hear about the Cairns Amateurs Community Event Initiative?
The Event
Proposed Event Name:
Proposed Event Location:
Proposed Event Date:
Proposed Times of operation
(including setup/pack down):
Proposed Times open to community:
Please provide a full description of your event?
Is this a free or paid event?
What is the cost to attend this event?
Please outline the main reasons the event is being held?
Is this event new or has it been run before?
Who will be involved in completing the event?

Proposed Event Sponsors:

Is there a risk your event might not be completed within the Cairns Amateurs Carnival period?


Who from the community and surrounding region will benefit from your event?
How will they benefit from your event?
How many attendees do you think your event will attract?
*Please list according to
3 – INTRA STATE, and


What is the unique selling point of your event?
What promotional materials are being used to attract participation and awareness? Please provide a marketing blurb of your event? Less than 150 words.
Please attach a suitable image we may use for the event’s promotion? UPLOAD Budget
What is the total cost of your event?
Please attach the budget for your event?
Further information
What do you require from Cairns Amateurs Carnival
to assist with the successful staging of
your event?
Please attach a copy of your $10 million public liability insurance
Please attach any further support documentation
Please confirm you accept the Terms and Conditions of the Cairns Amateurs Community Event Initiative
Please email your application to

Download the Community Events Initiative PDF